Seungjun Lee (이승준)

Tel: +82-42-350-7521

E-Mail: lsj0209[at]


  • 2018.9 - Present Ph.D. (School of Electrical Engineering), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

  • 2009.9 - 2011.8 M.S. (Dept. of Electrical Engineering), Seoul National University, South Korea

  • 2005.3 - 2009.8 B.S. (Dept. of Electrical Engineering), Seoul National University, South Korea

Research Interests

  • Action Recognition

  • Computer Vision


  • Seung-Jun Lee, Yang Koo Lee, and Daesub Yoon, "Design Considerations for Automated Crane Assignment," 5th International Conference on Mechanics and Mechatronics Research, Jul, 2018

  • Seung-Jun Lee, Young Jin Kwon, Doo Seop Yun and Do Hyun Kim, "Design of Parking Assistance System Using Wireless Sensor Networks,"10th International Conference on Broadband and Wireless Computing, Communication and Applications, Nov, 2015

  • Seung-Jun Lee, Hee Kyung Sung and Yo Han Choi, "Near-Field Detection of AbProteins Using Micro Beads," Journal of Sensor Science and Technology, 2012

  • Seung-Jun Lee, Yeong-Tai Seo, Yul Koh, Chang-Hyeon Ji and Yong-Kweon Kim, "A particle counting system using the photodetector array of a CMOS image sensor,"Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Volume 22, 2012